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Australian Passport Application Forms

When applying for Australian Passport online or offline all applicants have to fill correct application form. As only then you get your Passport quickly. Further in this guide of application forms you will know different Australian Passport application form PDF formats. Besides we gave complete list of application forms along with their reasons of use.Read More

Fees for Australian Passport

When you apply for Australian Passport online or offline you also pay fee to get Australian Passport. This Passport fee however would be based on type of Passport you have applied for. The same rule goes for documents required for an Australian Passport. So it is better that you have idea of amount that youRead More

Steps to apply for Australian child Passport online, offline

Applying for Passport of your child is simple task in Australia. But you must always follow rules when applying for Australian Passport online offline. Further Australian Government clearly made it compulsory for all Australians that they should have Passport. Therefore even if you are child or infant you should have Passport. Age limit for childRead More

Steps to track Australian Passport online

You can easily track your Australian Passport online. But to check Australian Passport status you must follow some rules as these help you to track your Passport online. Moreover Australian Passport tracking facility helps you to know progress of your application form. Second there is option for you to upgrade to priority processing service. WhileRead More

Steps to Renewal Australian Passport online offline

Australian Passport renewal in Australia or in any other country is possible. However for this you must check whether you eligible to renew your Passport or not. Besides you should know as to what modifications are required in your Passport. This article on Australian passport renewal process will help you to understand complete renewal processRead More

List of Australian Passport offices

You can apply for Australian Passport at any Passport office. Below you find list of many Passport offices. All these are official Passport offices in Australia. Sydney Passport Office or Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Passport office address: 7, 26 Lee Street, (close to Central Station) Sydney NSW 2000, Australia; Phone number: +61 13Read More