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Types of South African passports

South African passport becomes a necessity for all South African citizens. It is so because only then they can travel to other countries otherwise they can never cross borders. On other hand there are different types of passports which South African authorities issue. To help you further we listed out these types of South AfricanRead More

South African Passport fees

Fees for South African is part of Passport issuance and you must pay this fee to get Passport. Authorities allotted different fee structure for different types of passports. That is why to help you here you can check list of South African Passport fees. We gave fee details of maxi tourist Passport as well asRead More

Documents required for South African Passport application

To apply for South African Passport you also have to submit some documents. These documents help authorities to determine background of passport applicant. Thus it becomes very important for you to submit these documents. In this article you know documents required for South African Passport for different types of South Africa Passports. List of documentsRead More

South African Passport application form list

You must fill correct South African Passport form when you apply for new South African Passport. It is so because every South Africa Passport has different form. And for this you must know category from where you are applying. Authorities listed out forms for child Passport and South African adult Passport as well. To knowRead More

Steps to get child South African Passport

South African passport is an important document that you should have if you wish to travel. Moreover passport is a must when you travel to other countries. While it is responsibility of South African Government to issue South African passports. Even when you are less than 16 years old you should have a Passport. SoRead More

Steps to Apply for official South African passports

South African Government issues passports to all its citizens. It is also responsibility of a citizen of South Africa to get Passport before travelling abroad. And the same rule applies to Government officials. There is also very little difference between tourists Passport and official passports. In this article you learn how to apply for officialRead More

Steps to Apply for South African diplomatic Passport

South African Passport officials also issue South African diplomatic Passports. But all citizens of South Africa do not get this Passport. It is so because these are diplomatic passports and only some officials from certain posts of government get this passport. In this article you learn more about who gets this Passport. You now scrollRead More

Steps to apply for South African tourist Passport

South African Passport authorities also issue tourist passports.  While South African authorities issue these passports to South Africa citizens only. So others cannot apply for tourist Passport in South Africa. Moreover only if you are 16 years or older than that then you get tourist Passport. Keep scrolling this page to know more. Get touristRead More

Steps to apply for South African Maxi Tourist Passports

South African Passport is an important document for all citizens of India. It is essential document especially if you wish to travel to other countries or for that matter in cases when you wish to cross borders. You must also know one more thing. And it is that you can never renew South African Passport.Read More