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British Passport fee details for adult, child

You pay passport fee whenever you apply for British passport. UK passport fee depends on type of passport. So you can see that there is difference between child and adult Passport fee. In articles that you read prior to this one you understood application process of getting Passport in Britain. While this information is importantRead More

Rules for countersigning UK passport photos and application

Countersigning British Passport photos is necessary step when applying for British Passport. Before you go forward with this article to know more about rules of counter signature you check rules for Passport photos. In this article we gave complete list of these rules. United Kingdom Passport photo rules You attach two identical photos on BritishRead More

Stepd to apply for British Passport online offline

Applying for British or United Kingdom or UK Passport is easy enough thing. However for this you should follow a few steps to get process on the right track. Besides to help you with procedure to get British Passport you can read this article. As in this article on UK passport application process we listedRead More

Steps to Apply for British emergency Passport

You can now apply for British emergency passport online or offline. This helps you to get United Kingdom passport in less time. Further applying for Emergency Travel Documents or UK emergency Passport is simple process. As British diplomatic posts issue this Passport to British nationals. While in this article you learn eligibility criteria to getRead More

Process to renew, replace British Passport

When your Passport expired or has become too old then there are many options that you can choose from. One of them is to either renew or replace old passport. Here you follow rules to get Passport in time. Below you find complete list of rules for renewing UK Passport. Rules are there even forRead More

British Passport office address, contact details

British Passport office address is necessary for United Kingdom Passport applicants as you submit application form at Passport office. So when you apply for passport then you go to one of these passport offices in United Kingdom to submit application form. Along with this you submit documents, fee, photos required for British Passport. List ofRead More